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Who are we

More than 20 years of experience linked with the Peneda-Gerês National Park  Regional Development Association, have moulded our vision and perception of the realities of the area. This journey has brought us close to the local people, led us to study and learn what drives them, their strengths and to understand their needs. We quickly realized that we could make a difference by promoting in the area responsible and sustainable Nature Tourism. Something that was more than a superficial visit, detached from reality.

The creation of Go2Nature was a natural evolution, fruit of the desire of a passionate, professional and multidisciplinary team that has as its main objective the facilitating of positive, authentic exchanges between the traveller and local people, thereby contributing to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage present in the area.


The project

Go2Nature has as its main objective promoting to nature loving travellers, a unique and authentic experience in the Peneda-Gerês National Park and the North of Portugal.

Basing our programs on the best services and local partners, we seek to offer:

 - observation and interpretation of the main natural attributes which distinguish the Peneda-Gerês National Park and other natural areas.

 - Wine Tasting and dissemination of our local products and gastronomic traditions.

 - Knowledge, through contact with truly authentic ways of life of the communities that inhabit the area of the National Park and the North of Portugal.

 - contribute to stimulating and encouraging the growth of the local economy through the involvement of the various economic actors and local communities.



Our Values

- respect for natural and cultural values. These are the pillars for realising a unique and authentic experience, their preservation and protection are fundamental to us.

 - honesty, trust, integrity and transparency above economic gain, as the basis of the relationship with our partners. Our service contracts have clearly defined conditions for the provision of the same, we are always available to resolve and answer any doubts which may arise.

- Treat all customers as travellers and not as tourists. Sharing our natural wealth, culture and traditions in an authentic and integrated way is the aim of our trips. We seek to make sure that all experiences occur in a genuine context. For this reason we work with small groups in order to ensure the tailoring of each of our trips to travellers’ needs.

 - the authenticity of our products (nature, heritage, culture, human values)



Responsible Tourism

Go2Nature seeks to serve as a model, marking a difference towards a social economy based on common benefit and cooperation. We give priority to working within a network and towards cooperation between local partners, always bearing in mind respect for local culture and the natural environment. We want to have a positive impact on the area and in the local communities where we work. We therefore seek to raise awareness within our team, our partners and our clients concerning the importance of preserving the natural and cultural wealth present. In designing and putting together our trips and activities, we encourage the use of local goods and services. For this reason we select our partners carefully, always giving priority to local producers and locally managed accommodation that conform to our philosophy of responsible tourism and which to some extent are included or are participating in projects or activities which contribute to resource sustainability. We seek to inform our clients about local customs and traditions, encouraging them buy local products.


Social responsibility

Contact and coexistence with local communities provide the key to the authenticity of our programs, whilst at the same time we provide an opportunity for social, cultural and economic revitalisation. Always with the objective of providing positive experiences for the traveller and community. For each of our programs Go2Nature contributes 1 euro to various associations/organizations that promote interventions, projects and initiatives aimed at the conservation of natural and cultural sites.


Environmental Responsibility

As we develop many of our activities in environmentally sensitive areas and areas of high and important levels of biodiversity, such as the Peneda-Gerês National Park, our policy of environmental responsibility assumes a prominent role. In this respect Go2Nature is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment through the application of a series of principles and practices that promote the preservation species of fauna and flora. This is exemplified by the case of our manual of good practices to be followed whilst visiting natural areas which is used to heighten awareness and provide information for our clients. Conserving natural resources both on the ground and in the office.